About Us

Honest Supply is a sustainably focused brand born from the Australian industrial design consultancy, Katapult Design.

We’re a team with years of experience solving problems for others and, as much as we enjoy that collaborative process, we wanted a product we could call our own. One that reflects our values and character, without compromise.


Our products are thoughtfully crafted to delight the user with deliberately designed features that enhance the user experience. Importantly, they should invoke a sense of fun and have genuine character.

We sweat the details to deliver exceptional quality while also presenting products with a contemporary, timeless style. Our objective is to provide professional calibre solutions that fit equally in a high street café or your home kitchen.

Industry Approved

The Linea range was purpose-built to meet the rigorous demands of the commercial cafe industry, where baristas expect nothing but the best. From the outset, our goal was to define the range as “Industry Approved” based on product performance.

To ensure that these standards were met, we collaborated closely with local baristas and cafe owners, gathering feedback and observations to continuously refine and enhance the range. This collaborative approach allowed us to achieve the high level of quality, reliability and functionality that the industry demands and that our customers deserve.

Made to Last

In an age where cheap disposable products are choking our environment, we’ve decided on walking a better path. Our products are designed
to be robust, long lasting and as sustainable as possible.

We choose materials, processes and finishes to deliver the best mix of durability, feel and performance, without creating unnecessary waste.